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  • *Suction conditions : Atmospheric pressure / 2~45℃ *Discharge condition : below 45℃ (ambient temperature : 30℃)
  • *Discharge air volume is converted to suction conditions.
  • *Discharge pressure are measured after coolers.
  • *Air produced by compressors should not be used in respiratory equipment furnishing air for direct inhalation.
  • Nominal working pressure is as per below;

0.75MPa variant : 0.7MPa
0.85MPa variant : 0.8MPa
1.05MPa variant : 1.0MPa

  • Noise values are based on the height of 1.0m and at the distance of 1.5m in front from the compressor package in anechoic chamber and under full-load operation.
  • Since the cooling for the compressor air, lubricant, and the inside of the compressor unit depends on the surrounding air condition, the surrounding air must be properly ventilated to prevent the ambient temperature from rising above 45℃.
  • Specifications and descriptions are subject to change without notice.
  • Weight values are based on 200/220V model.