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Summit of high-tech for extreme efficiency.
Premium energy saver with industrial top
notch Air-End, super premium efficiency
(IE4 equiv) IPM motor,
built-in overhung design.
Much wider range, much better usability. 

Energy saving with Inverter
Super premium efficiency IPM motor (IE4 equiv)
Built-in overhung design
New Wide Range Control
Kobelink compatible
Resistance to high ambient up to 50℃



as identity of KOBELION.
Now, you can feel the GENUINE.

High efficiency

Motor rotor is directly mounted on the rotor shaft.
No coupling, no belt and no gear design realize zero
transmission loss.

Easy maintenance

With built in overhung design, adjusting and replacing
of v-belt is no longer necessary. It is not even required
to change or re-grease motor bearings.


Super Premium Efficiency IPM Motor (IE4 equiv)

p7 2New Kobelion VS series equips super premium efficiency IPM (interior permanent magnet) motor, which efficiency is equivalent to IE4 of IEC standard. IPM has better efficiency from low load to high load compare to induction motor. This IPM is with oil cooled jacket cooling system with insulation class H, which has better resistance to high ambient conditions.

(*) Standard of motor efficiency is defined by IEC (Electrotechnical Commission) standard and it defines IE1=Standard Efficiency, IE2=High efficiency, IE3=Premium Efficiency, and IE4=Super Premium Efficiency for induction motor. As IPM is synchronous motor, IPM is not defined in this scheme. IPM equipped on VS series has the efficiency beyond IE4 of induction motor, and has good efficiency in wide range of the working load.


Summit of Inverter control

p7 3Since we applied first IPM motor on Inverter compressor in 1998, we have been accumulated know-how for nearly 20 years. Wide Range Control and Built-in Overhung Design are some of our unique technology leading inverter compressor in the world.

"Providing exact volume and pressure what user needs." It is quite simple in words, but adjusting compressor speed depends on the demand of factory load which will change from moment to moment without hunting or overshoot is quite delicate issue.

New Kobelion VS series offers maximum energy saving with minimum pressure fluctuation backed by own algorithm to run inverter of Kobelco as a pioneer of inverter compressor.

New Wide Range Control

In case that required pressure of compressor is 0.5MPa, you may be able to use one size smaller compressor. Wide Range Control of Kobelion VS can deliver much higher flow when it runs at lower pressure point. Kobelion VS senses line pressure and automatically change maximum rpm limit. New Kobelion VS achieves much higher flow and much wider pressure range. As a leading company of Inverter compressor, we can offer cutting-edge value.





New Generation Smart Controller

NGSC-700 Controller Kobelink-Remote monitoring system

"NGSC-700 for VS series equips 7.0 inch full color touch operation monitor. Sophisticate LCD interface enables you to figure out following information at a glance."

p11 1

● Operating condition ● Alarm / Interlock list ●Compressor settings ● Daily, Weekly, Monthly record
● Maintenance schedule ● Alarm / Trip history ●Flow diagram etc.


Various user interface

p11 2


Compressor Group Control

p11 3


Up to 6 units of compressor can be control by inbuilt sequencing function without external control panel. (Hard wire connections are needed) Available only for NGSC-700/430 mounted model)


Other features

  • 3 mode pressure setting
  • Energy saving logic
  • USB data logging
  • Modbus I/O
  • Kobelink-Remote monitoring
  • 7500V lightning surge killer
  • Multi language (JPN/ENG/CHN)
  • Overload protection
  • Instant power failure ride-through :
  • ~0.5 sec
  • Automatic restart : 5~20 sec
  • Reverse phase protection etc.