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sg kurei 37kw jap r

New Generation Air-end, Direct Gear Drive,IE3 premium efficiency motor* standardly equips.

Integration of cutting-edge technology as industrial compressor for highest reliability and simple controlability.

Best-in-class discharge air flow
Direct Gear Drive
Kobelink compatible
Premium efficiency motor (IE3)*
Resistance to high ambient up to 50℃


Direct Gear Drivedirect geer

Designed to achieve best efficiency in rated load. Precise machined helical gears are directly mounted on motor shaft and eliminate coupling or v-belt. Single piece drive train minimize vibration of rotating part and mechanical losses. Also adjusting and replacing of v-belt is no longer necessary. All the model is with IE3 premium efficiency motor*.

* Except for 200V/60Hz, 400V/60Hz


p13 1Best in Class discharge air flow

New Kobelion SG acheives best-in-class discharge air flow, and max 13% increase from existing model, thanks to New Generation Air-end.


Flex Y-delta starter for low temp condition

Automatically calculating Y-delta transition deeded at certain oil temperature.
No chance of stall during start up due to lack of torque at low temperature and high oil viscosity condition.



Energy saving logic [Patented]

Kobelco patented "Energy saving logic" can reduce pressure band of load/un-load control to eliminate excess pressure hike.



Compressor Group Control

p11 3


Up to 6 units of compressor can be control by inbuilt sequencing function without external control panel. (Hard wire connections are needed) Available only for NGSC-700/430 mounted model)


Other features

  • 3 mode pressure setting
  • Energy saving logic
  • USB data logging
  • Modbus I/O
  • Kobelink-Remote monitoring
  • 7500V lightning surge killer
  • Multi language (JPN/ENG/CHN)
  • Overload protection
  • Instant power failure ride-through :
  • ~0.3 sec
  • Automatic restart : 5~20 sec
  • Reverse phase protection etc.